Post-Natal Massage Level 2 (Bengkung Binding)

Post-Natal Massage Level 2 (Bengkung Binding)

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Course Summary

Post Natal abdominal wrapping or Bengkung wrapping is a traditional belly binding method done during the postnatal period. Its well practiced by the Malay community in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei for the purpose to help to shrink a mother's postpartum body, ideally, back to their pre natal period or better. It will be a wonderful customized treatment to enhance one's mind, body and soul by incorporating the art of belly binding with the medical benefits of aromatherapy.

Course Training Duration

Total Time: 12 Hours
Full-Time: 2 Days (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Assessment & Examination

No examination is required as this is a competency training short course.
Certification of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of training lessons.

Entry Requirements

Learners need to be certified under "ALPS Certification in Level 1 Post Natal Massage" to be qualified for training

Learners with qualification in facial or body massage covering Anatomy and Physiology will be a bonus - not a must

Learners who have hands-on face or body massage experiences or is an experienced therapist will be a bonus - not a must

Age: At least 16 years old & above before commencement of course

Academic Skills: Secondary 3 (Grade 9) or equivalent or above

Language: Proficiency in English or Chinese

English: Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least IELTS 4.5 or higher or a pass in GCE“N” Level English; or its equivalent

Mandarin: Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least pass in GCE“N” Level Mandarin; or its equivalent

Excludes Admin Fee of $50