In Japan, it’s widely learnt by counselors, therapist, teachers, artists, art lovers, working people etc. for counseling and healing purposes, as well as helping students in the schools. It’s also for enhancing aesthetic sense, at the same time achieving healthier, more harmonious and more balanced society. Many instructors have been trained and spread the JPNA around Japan for the past 12 years.  During the class, while students are working on their art piece, soothing music will be played to provide a rel

Basic to Advance Pastel Nagomi Art Course

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Basic to Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Course covers total of 28 hours with total of 27 art pieces. Learn the difference technique and various tools with soft pastel colours. 

After completion of the Basic to Advanced class, students can proceed to Associated Instructive Course which is a Diploma Course for being a certified Associate Instructor.