Hot Stone Massage (Level 2) with Aromatherapy

Hot Stone Massage (Level 2) with Aromatherapy

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Course Summary

Hot stone massage has also been practiced for centuries because of its benefits in relaxing tense muscles. The use of essential oils in massage therapy has been proven to play an important role in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness that comes from incorporating aromatherapy into massages. Since aromatherapy has been used for ages to enhance the physical well-being of a person, it has also been used in spiritual rituals. The effect of smell on the mind and the emotions has medical and scientific basis. Therefore, it will be a wonderful customized treatment to enhance the one's mind, body and soul to incorporate the penetrating heat and weight of the hot stones with the medical benefits of aromatherapy. 

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Course Training Duration

Total Time: 12 Hours
Full-Time: 2 Days (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Part-Time: 4 Days (3 Hour Sessions)

Assessment & Examination

No examination is required as this is a competency training short course.
Certification of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of training lessons.

Entry Requirements

Learners need to be certified under "ALPS Certification in Level 1 Hot Stone Massage" to be qualified for training

Learners with qualification in facial or body massage covering Anatomy and Physiology will be a bonus - not a must

Learners who have hands-on face or body massage experiences or is an experienced therapist will be a bonus - not a must

Age: At least 16 years old & above before commencement of course

Academic Skills: Secondary 3 (Grade 9) or equivalent or above

Language: Proficiency in English or Chinese

English: Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least IELTS 4.5 or higher or a pass in GCE“N” Level English; or its equivalent

Mandarin: Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least pass in GCE“N” Level Mandarin; or its equivalent

Excludes Admin Fee of $50